Sunday, September 2, 2012

This industrial, loft, or warehouse design is a sublime precedent of working with the existing architecture, not against it, this approach gives a comfortable,calm and interesting interior design. This converted warehouse is an excellent example of working your design in with the history of the building.

Subtle splashes of red appear throughout this house this stimulates the colour scheme and gives a focus to an otherwise busy design.

the black white and grey colour palette with touches of red as in the brick wall or the flowers keep this otherwise busy area focused. I love the letters on the wall and the timber door.

Black on the wall adds interest and layers to otherwise mono- chromatic outside area.

To juxtapose this luxurious bed against the rough unadulterated brick wall is poetic for me this is the perfect bedroom.

Love the new patches on the wall have been allowed to show and will blend in with this stunning wall.

Again red shows its head, the darker grey  ingeniously painted lower half brings the wall height down as you would do the opposite to make your ceiling higher.

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