Sunday, November 4, 2012

Red Accents
Red always adds energy and excitement to a room, I have juxtaposed a selection of random images on this blog as an incentive to using red as accents in your design. I particularly love this front door with its  expressionistic graffiti.

Friday, November 2, 2012

eclectic mix

Hip, Boho, Scandi, Warehouse or loft to name a few styles, I think I've covered them in a roundabout way, I have also included some ideas on up-cycling, the bathroom with the wooden cable holder used as a table and the old stool modified into a vanity stand

This first shot uses a mixture of surfaces from corrugated iron brick and the stunning wooden windows, this is a fine example of up-cycling.

Love the eclectic mix of chairs and the grannie floral cushions.

I'm loving the exposed exhaust vents.  

Wallpaper is everywhere I love the wood lamp table "up-cycling" it gives perspective to the wallpaper feature wall.

Im sure we could all find an old cabinet that we could paint up while keeping its integrity, paint it in your own colour, this would also make a cool bathroom vanity stand.

                            this a the poetic version of up-cycling and very hip.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Glamour Style

Good morning bloggers today with the absolute devastation that has occurred due to super storm Sandy I think we need a bit of glam in our lives to cheer us up.
Glam style dose not have to be a shinning minimalist deco, with all style and no warmth or texture giving the visitors and guests feeling of unease and fear in case they break or mark furniture.

An excellent example of Glam Style is Glam wallpaper an art deco chandelier, luxurious persian carpets, paintings, a mixture of antique, modernist, post modernist furniture and to finish it off a Labrador or dog of your choice sitting on a sheep skin in the corner.

History is an important part of a home so compliment history with your own glam style see the stairs in this shot they are welcoming and give a sense of history warmth and layers this will give a charming and undemanding atmosphere for your guests.

In the next photos is a mixture of my visions of glam, I hope they give you some inspiration in your own personal vision of glam style enjoy.
I would be very comfortable in this home it is an incentive to those who would like to let the history of the home show through.

Silver chest of draws again it has a sense of history shinning through.

Glamourous is both these dressing room and bathroom photos divine.

                         Siesta time, or a coffee perfect place

       Layers and texture are important to a glam bedroom.

Daybed the perfect reading nook this is a divine composition

                    Any little girl would be content in this feminine bedroom

I just had to post this unique bed cover an excellent inspiration for a bed cover

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bedroom
Yes the bedroom is my favourite room in the house, my bedroom has a king bed so there is room for side tables but, we all want what we cant have and I would like an old comfy chair.
The bedroom is such a personal space, and the occupant has the opportunity to give it individual personality, for example the teenage bedroom, where the teen expresses comment by using posters, ornaments, furniture and of course the music that drifts throughout the house.

This first bed is just divine I think it needs a large room as it has so much personality,  with a large black chandelier  what a statement.

Patchwork is everywhere a lovely unadulterated bed and space gives a simple but quite space for sleep.

The colour palette of the daybed and space, gives depth and warmth, the wall shows a dwelling with history and I want the floor rug what a lovely composition.

Grey and green

A Bedouin inspired bedroom

Patchwork and wallpaper

A little girl would love this bed

 Great bedhead

My favourite, a bed with layers I just want to jump in.