Monday, September 3, 2012

Industrial and loft style is the subject Im covering for this first week of spring or fall in the northern hemisphere a lovely time to be out searching for treasures. Today I have posted a random collection of industrial style interiors and exteriors, so as to give you an idea of what to look for and how to integrate them into your home.

Black Is The New Black

Another example of a mono-cromatic colour scheme with the wood intensifying warmth and texture, which would otherwise give a cold atmosphere to the room.

An old door used as a desk if you want a flat top, use a piece of glass you can then lay photos underneath or a calendar. I often see glass off-cuts at my junk shop.

A vinget of wood plastic and glass creates a lovely composition for outside or inside

Wooden boxes are becoming hard to find here in Australia so if you find them best to keep them. This look could be achieved with the use of milk crates all the same colour experiment, send me a photo of what you come up with.

These old tool boxes are still easy to find at junk shops

I love everything about this bathroom, why do we have to cover out walls with sheets of plaster?
Imagine this magnificent wall covered with one dimensional  plasterboard it would not have the character and warmth it has now and the history of the wall would be covered shame.

Check out the line painting horizontally around the wall in the similar colour as the skirts and the window this connects everthing giving the study a calm atmosphere. I find the large industrial spotlights are very hard to find,though this desk again could be made from a old door which are still available at some junk shops or on council verge pickups.

Mono-cromatic with a touch of wood see top photo.

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