Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Warehouse Wednesday

Good morning bloggers today I'd like to inspire you to personalise your living space, these interiors will give you an eclectic warehouse vibe, which works well with vintage, boho or  scandi style. These looks can be used in a small apartment, a large converted warehouse or maybe you would like to redecorate your home. 

This look could be used in an apartment, small house or any small space, remember if it is not large space, try not to over-decorate {my problem} keep a quite area or space.

White adds light to small space the blackboard wall makes the room look larger as it regresses into the room excellent design choice for a small room.

Use covers to give your sofa a new look

Again covering your sofa gives this space a boho vibe.

I love everything about this bedroom, from the new paper light-fitting to the peace cushion, perfect for a warehouse look.

Again the blackboard look very hip.

This is the quintessential loft warehouse look and I love it love the door.

Great look!

More looks for a small space.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wall art

Wall-art what is wall-art? 

Well I believe it can be anything from a painting to a chair, it is what you want to reflect about yourself and your family to your visitors, if you are a minimalist you are reflecting light and space. Many families like to pay homage to their cultural or religious background, remember there is no rules, use design to make you happy.  In my house I love Middle-Eastern and Asian Carpets used as a wall hanging. I also have paintings everywhere,  and in the kitchen I like kitchen utensils, pots and enamel wear.   

A unique light-fitting

Turquoise render with and islamic mosaic a very calming shower

This reminds me of the 80's I did something like this back in the wonderful 80's

Cute wallpaper!

Wallpaper yes it is and it is, a magnificent statement of colour!

 Plates yes its been done before, but this composition has a hip feel to it!

As you know I love a textured wall, I consider this art, in its own right and it gives a confident bold statement,

A lovely vignette of paintings, drawings and eclectic wall mounts.

A touch of yellow used in the number plate possibly from a loved motor cycle.

This wall is a sublime work of art and history.

If you would like to do this, use wallpaper glue but remember you will not be able to use this garment agin, but it will be reasonably achival on the wall.

I have blogged this room previously though this is a different perspective showing the red cross  excellent art.

The blackboard used as inspiration.

mirror mirror

What is the time

I love this whole composition and could be reproduced inside a dining room, kitchen, family room to name a few.

White and Pastels used in Scandi, Loft or Warehouse Style

Love the wall

I stayed in bed similar to this in the Sahara Desert in Morocco and it was quite comfortable

I have used these pebbles in my small ensuite bathroom about seven years ago I think they look great in this house.

Love the painted black diamond pattern on the floor!

Silver lounge, cool

I love this wallpaper

Excellent idea for unique curtains!


what a hip room, pink is hot right now!

I have made candle stick from turned table legs I cut them in half and painted with Black japan will show you in next post.

 Pink light cord and blue clock nice combo


Tables on Tuesday

Tables on Tuesday

As I mentioned in my previous post I am implementing some rhythm into my blog so Tuesday at this stage will be about tables. To use the word table what do you immediately think? dinning table, coffee table, outdoor table, lamp table, bedside table to name a few, the repertoire is huge when the word table used. 
This Tuesday I am showing you a random collection of dinning tables, dinning table also opens up a subjective repertoire such as outdoor dinning, restaurant dinning, formal dinning in your home so I   posted a eclectic collection of dinning tables in this blog, which I hope will stimulate your imagination for a unique dinning experience in your house, enjoy.    

 An inexpensive use of pallets has created a unique quirky dinning experience, this is a good example of how to create great style on a budget, the pallets at my junk shop are $10.00 au or $10.00 us so I think two pallets would make this excellent table. I have also seen many pallets on the council verge pickups most of them are made of hardwood so your table will last many years. To make this a little more Industrial you could add wheels or casters on the legs, this will give it a great warehouse look.

An eclectic use of chairs

White scandi style

I love this wall and the use of calico an inexpensive fabric or you could use painters drop sheets.


A large slab of wood left in its organic shape made into a dinning table with the infinity pool is sublime.

Green, black and white excellent combination.

retro vibe

Both these shots give you some ideas as what to do in a small space this would look just as good on a balcony or a small covered outside area.

 wooden tables painted grey a unique combination

I have never seen a table like this love love love this composition what do you think?