Saturday, September 1, 2012

The first day of spring here in Australia, this post is a collection of Boho, vintage, loft and warehouse styles that all work together and reflect a wonderful relaxed personality, again these looks could be achieved using second hand fabrics, and furniture.

The colour pallet is sublime, the concrete wall is a work of unadulterated art it shows the history of the house and there is no need for art on the wall as the wall is art.

A great example of a plain white wall where good art adds texture, depth and dimension to the room imagine this room without the art.

boho warehouse or loft style

This bohemian lounge room  a concrete floor painted grey, white walls and vintage furniture with floral cushions these styles work very well together and could be reproduced on a limited budget.  

Boho style with curtains made from scarfs.

This warehouse, loft  has such a comfortable feeling with the vintage bed one would not want to leave this space it is so inviting.

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