Wednesday, September 19, 2012

White, Grey and Black

This week I am looking at the hip colours of white, grey and black I have included some random images that could be shot from the same building, you will not be surprised to see concrete in this blog. 

 The floor could be painted  yellow tongue, in Australia is a reasonably priced flooring, I predict it was under-painted with a dark colour  and then white was painted over, the walking has given the floor a textured aded appearance.

 A view into the history of the building with an exposed section of the wall left not plastered.

This minimalist composition is a sublime, work of art no need of art, this is art? So lets ask the old age question what is art??????????

This staircase has inspired me to paint my front concrete stairs grey, I hope they will look as good as these. Blackboard behind the lounge, draws out the green of the sofa, where it would sink back into the room.

Lovely layers have you noticed frills are everywhere, I love this, romantic vintage.

concrete concrete


I love an unmade bed the layers  and the creasers make me want to jump in, the white lockers would look great in my family room.

I am going to make this light shade.



I had the pleasure to be a guest at Leah and Andrew's Wedding, a divine garden wedding celebrated in the historical village of Bangalow just 20mins from the seaside town of Byron Bay you will find both this eclectic towns in Northern NSW Australia.
Leah with the help of her mother Janet co-ordinated and designed the wedding, with her brilliant organisational skills and sublime good taste, is the integral ingredient, to the success of this magnificent vintage inspired wedding.
As all brides Leah looked exquisite in a classic unadulterated wedding dress, the bridesmaids each had individual designed dresses as well as, they were given the opportunity to choose their dress, thus they both looked relaxed and beautiful without having to wear something they would not normally wear.   

Janet had been collecting vintage teacups so she with the help of her mother in law Nell and secondhand shops and market stalls, she was in a position to supply this eclectic collection perfect for a vintage wedding.

White tables set at the entrance to the venue, again a stunning vintage collection of silver, class and crystal.

Leah and Janet again trawled secondhand shops and this beautiful collection of vintage glass and crystal resulting once-more in poetic vignette. Leah's was arranging the flowers the eveing before the wedding and very early the wedding day while Janet's handmade candles include another texter or layer in the composition..

 Janet made all the candles from soy wax.

Petals to throw on the Bide and Groom were elegantly displayed again by Leah and once-more these artistic, {while not ostentatious} adeptness, contributed to the success of this beautiful spring wedding.

A Merry Mishap