Friday, August 3, 2012

Vintage and up-cycling is a passion of mine, I love anything from a secondhand shop it usually has a history which gives it character and warmth enjoy. These photos show what using vintage collectables can give a unique style which should not blow the budget..

The table a cable spool used by most telco,s or check out your local tip shop $10.00au at my local shop on the Gold Coast Australia. Contact me if you would like the address.

This adorable screen could be made by painting some reclaimed doors white and joining by using some hinges, make sure your doors are for external not internal as they are not weather proof. An old front door would be prefect or some windows would look great. Send me some pictures of your own screens.If you are using your screens inside internal doors will be fine.

Don't you love the old window used in the wall partition and the book shelf perfect spot to sit and read design mags.

Concrete with a dash of pink with beautiful vintage touches.

The patina of concrete is just stunning it will only get better with age.

These beautiful light shades are on my to have list.

Pink and grey yum

The picture windows letting light and green into the decor which has been referenced with the green coffee table, this will bring the green inside. Those floor mats are divine must go on the list.

Why would one want to leave this bedroom?