Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today I'm featuring a house in Mexico, this is what I would call a Post Modern Adobe style, it still has the square adobe shape with the moorish influence from Spain such as the tiles and the arch. I am not a big fan of Post Modernism but this is a tasteful example of appropriation from traditional Mexican Adobe to a 21st century adobe which I still believe fits into the industrial theme I am covering this week.


This building has mostly a square shape walls, windows, pavers and roof line this places the clever  use of a round port hole window in total contrast, this perspective  shows how geometrical shapes influence the overall appearance of the building and without this window it would lack interest and thus gives the house balance. The use of the circle features subtly throughout this amazing architecturally designed house.

Again the use of circles to balance out the square lines such as the tiles bookshelf doors etc


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