Thursday, September 20, 2012


Grey, white and black can be complimented with warm colours as this wall has allowed the wonderful caramel colour to show through thus allowing interest,depth and texture creating a warm atmosphere.

Natural wood in the stool, warm's up this otherwise cool colour palette.

Browns and black portray a classy environment while allowing warmth and texture to provide a relaxed rrom.

What unique idea using gaibein walls as as a separate garden room

Texture and history

Have you watched the Australian TV series Offspring if not give it a go, Nina is the main character, this is her lounge room and below the bedroom. the show is set around inner suburb of  Melbourne and the life and times ups and downs of the Proudman family.

Look at the memoir of this little corner I hope it keeps its rustic history and not be pulled down for a 21st century sterile building.

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