Friday, November 2, 2012

eclectic mix

Hip, Boho, Scandi, Warehouse or loft to name a few styles, I think I've covered them in a roundabout way, I have also included some ideas on up-cycling, the bathroom with the wooden cable holder used as a table and the old stool modified into a vanity stand

This first shot uses a mixture of surfaces from corrugated iron brick and the stunning wooden windows, this is a fine example of up-cycling.

Love the eclectic mix of chairs and the grannie floral cushions.

I'm loving the exposed exhaust vents.  

Wallpaper is everywhere I love the wood lamp table "up-cycling" it gives perspective to the wallpaper feature wall.

Im sure we could all find an old cabinet that we could paint up while keeping its integrity, paint it in your own colour, this would also make a cool bathroom vanity stand.

                            this a the poetic version of up-cycling and very hip.

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