Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Bedroom
Yes the bedroom is my favourite room in the house, my bedroom has a king bed so there is room for side tables but, we all want what we cant have and I would like an old comfy chair.
The bedroom is such a personal space, and the occupant has the opportunity to give it individual personality, for example the teenage bedroom, where the teen expresses comment by using posters, ornaments, furniture and of course the music that drifts throughout the house.

This first bed is just divine I think it needs a large room as it has so much personality,  with a large black chandelier  what a statement.

Patchwork is everywhere a lovely unadulterated bed and space gives a simple but quite space for sleep.

The colour palette of the daybed and space, gives depth and warmth, the wall shows a dwelling with history and I want the floor rug what a lovely composition.

Grey and green

A Bedouin inspired bedroom

Patchwork and wallpaper

A little girl would love this bed

 Great bedhead

My favourite, a bed with layers I just want to jump in.

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