Sunday, August 5, 2012

This post is about using vintage or grandma's dollies to create something that will give your home an individual personal touch. I have collected my mums crochet rugs and a few dollies she made over the years. I have also been collecting lace tablecloths, dollies lace curtains from the second hand shop to make my own dollie curtain will post shortly. I hope these pictures give you some ideas for your own curtains or tablecloths, I am buying the lace dollies, tablecloths etc for about 20cents to the dollar au, happy hunting.

love this table cloth it could be a curtain also

What a magnificent piece of art

I still see these in junk shops for a couple of dollars

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  1. Hey Kaz your blog is amazing i love the way you use retro and vintage items and furniture to make modernisms designs. Your eye for interior decorating is really inspiring.