Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eclectic Artist House in Spain, a combination of vintage with a bold mix of colour gives this home its on personality which reflects that of the owner.

This floor gives a wonderful warmth to the room though I would have trouble keeping it clean, when I paint.
To juxtapose these paintings with in front of each other gives the room depth and draws the viewer in to the next room, a surprise around every corner.


sideboard made from old windows very original
Romantic, Vintage, Industrial a combination of furniture all work well together the lamps balance and soften the corner of the room, what a lovely statement which embraces the owners creativity used throughout the house.

White and turquoise white a spectacular combination of colour used in the house, this poetic artwork sits perfectly in this eclectic house, the expressive work give a wonderful energy to the room with the juxtaposition of the teapot it has a  surprising 3D effect on the viewer.

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