Thursday, August 2, 2012

To introduce myself to you I will show you a few photos of what excites me as an expressionist , I love texture, layers and colour, though I am deeply in love with the scandi, industrial, gypset style Well hope you enjoy an insight into what I am inspired by.

Brown and Grey just sit so well together the brown gives warmth to the room, the texture of the concrete walls is a low maintenance solid finish that evolves with age and will develop its own patina.

This stunning cabinet would brighten up any corner or room, remember to compliment this cabinet with some other touches of yellow which could be a bunch of flowers, a vase even yellow handles on hockey sticks. Remember the cabinet is the star of the show you just need it to sit in its space. comfortably. Try to keep blue to a minimum as it will highly activate the room, as the hockey stick in the photo is just enough to stimulate the yellow.

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